Input Effort Ownership Responsibility

Figure 8.11 Skill development

The focus for facilitators, production, maintenance and management to deliver the TPM vision through the four milestones is set out in Table 8.3.

8.5 Management structure and the roles of supervisors

A plant-level TPM project structure taken from an actual case history is shown in Figure 8.2. This shows clearly the involvement of top management and the relationship of all the aspects of TPM which have been addressed in earlier chapters.

The roles and responsibilities of the management and supervisors as key contact to the TPM teams are repeated here to underline their importance:

• Input and release of people for TPM training

• Release of equipment for restoration and subsequent asset care

• Technical and historical information

Table 8.3 Steps to achieve the TPM vision


Refine best practice

Build capability



and standardize

(promotion and


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