policy issues can be reviewed

using examples of documentation and stages of completion. The model should also indicate volumes and areas of loss. If this can be put up and left on a suitable wall, it can be updated with good/bad examples as the project progresses.

Figure 10.12 shows the 'brown paper process mapping' tool. It is a very visual and useful exercise which also helps in teambuilding as well as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the actual process or system under review.

The stages of the review can include a critical assessment of the process using the standard manufacturing form. The definitions should be amended to use the phrase 'If this part of the system is defective, what will be the impact on . . . ?'.

The elements under consideration should include filing, archiving, labelling and cross-referencing systems. This should include electronically held data. Once the extent and criticality of the system under review are understood, this is followed by a system condition appraisal. This activity ensures that the

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