2. Clarification of problem (by whom, where, when and how) plus cost/benefit opportunity

2. Clarification of problem (by whom, where, when and how) plus cost/benefit opportunity

Clarified with operator on 7/9/

Discussed opportunities to reduce cycle time without sacrificing product quality. Cost to modify programme = 1 hour set-up and 1 hour test/inspect

'Benefit Standard cyck time reduced from 3 to 2 seconds = e%tra 152 units per weetii (a 10% O'BE improvement)

3. Problem cause (brainstorm and fishbone, then list) 8/8

Caused by 1 : Shallow depth of cut Caused by 2: Movement of table in z-plane

Caused by 3: 'Relative position of tooling start position and workpitcz Caused by 4: 5\(eed to manually reset programme to start cycie due to multiple programmes in memory

4. Clarification of root causes (Do the causes explain the problem?)

• Single 10 mm ait is practical rather than Sx 2 mm cuts

• jf single cut implemented, table height can be fixed via programme

• 'Reduction of tool travel shortens cycle time

% Programme location/multiple programmes prevent auto reset function being utilized, thus manually reset for each cycle

5. Countermeasure (actions required to resolve causes (s)) Temporary-


• 'Modify programme to single cutting cycle from 5 cuts

• Set traverse table at constant height in programme

• iReprogramme tool start position close to worlçpiece

• Store single programme in memory and locate at line tp to enable auto reset statement to be used

6. Confirmation of countermeasure (Have actions cleared problem?)

• Countermeasures awaiting implementation

7. Feedback (Who else needs to know?)

• Miller Supervisor, Maintenance Manager, 1JPM facilitator, nominate team for 1TM 'E^cellerxe Award (Sept)

Figure 6.22 Miller M201 problem-solving document

Table 6.5 Miller M201 improvements

Benefit for

Availability Performance Quality

Reduce cycle time

Programme modifications

Operator to load programmes low

Use of coolant low

Operator to change tooling medium

Reposition air supply service unit low

Define start-up procedure

New slideway cover design low

Obtain copies of manual/drawings low

Replace with new design guards low

Operator training programme high high high high high medium low high

0 0

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