In parallel, and following on from the general awareness sessions, all shopfloor personnel in the identified geographic improvement zones (determined largely by the logic of the team leader's span of control) will be involved in workplace organization activities, starting with a plant clear and clean activity. This aims to reinforce the key learning points from the training in a way which raises existing housekeeping standards and introduces the concept of shopfloor ownership in a hands-on way, based on the existing shift-based geographic zone. The activity also includes a very detailed and structured audit and review of the CAN DO process to target areas for improvement and to ensure that the gains are held.

Implementation of improvement zone

The pilot provides management with the experience to identify gaps in general areas of best practice. This results in the generation of management standards which can be translated into local policy at a shopfloor improvement zone. See Table 7.2.

The improvement zone implementation progress can then be measured against these standards, providing a basis for team-based recognition at each level.

If top-down management job descriptions and personal development plans are amended to reflect success at each improvement zone level, this effectively ties in top-down and bottom-up recognition systems.

Table 7.2 TPM bottom-up standards

Table 7.2 TPM bottom-up standards


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