Minimum score 30 = level 1A, 40 = level IB

Minimum score 30 = level 1A, 40 = level IB

Rating based on procedures/systems which are:

1 Not in place, with no plans to address 4 Well defined, executed and understood

2 Weak/deficient 5 Well defined, with a track record of continuous improvement

3 Able to meet departmental/plant goals with plans to improve

Figure 8.5 First-level bottom-up audit criteria are sample checklists to support the launching and initial auditing of an improvement zone. As this requires the active co-operation of management the rate of progress is a measure of the degree of alignment between top-down and bottom-up priorities. The rate of progress is, therefore, also a measure of organizational learning (see Figure 8.6).

The management role can be summarized as three activities, as shown in Figure 8.7.

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