Figure 6.3 Department 50 machine operating data

Figure 6.3 Department 50 machine operating data

• L101: 4.12 min including loading

• M201: 3 min including loading

• M202: 8.5 min including loading

As can be seen from the data in Figure 6.3, the lathe is running three shifts five days per week; the miller M201 is running two shifts, five days; and the miller M202 is running two shifts plus overtime. Some cover is provided for the machines during the shifts, but there are still times when the machines cannot be run. These planned stoppages are one of the reasons for the difference between them.

There are some tool changes. Sometimes this is done by maintenance outside production time. Usually some production time is lost owing to tool breakages.

There seem to be occasional quality problems where much of the output has to be reworked to remove burrs. However, mostly there are few quality problems.

Department 50's financial data are shown in Figure 6.4. The company's shopfloor logistics are given in Figure 6.5.

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