Department 50 makes the most popular welding tips. It has always been the bottleneck department.

The department produces basically three types of tip (Figure 6.2):

• The 5020, a flat-head tip produced in two operations

• The 5031, a tip with one angled face produced by three operations

• The 5042, a pointed tip with two angled faces produced in four operations

There are three machines:

• The L101 computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathe ® The M201 CNC Bridgeport Interact milling machine

® The M202 Denford Easimill 3 milling machine

The machine operating data are shown in Figure 6.3. It should be noted that the times have been developed by the planners based on experience. The machines should be capable of the following cycle times:

Figure 6.1 Merlin Gun Technology: organization
5042 Pointed Figure 6.2 Department 50 products




Total cycle time (mins)

0 0

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