Since the first edition of this book some five years ago, we have had the privilege of working with some really good people who share our passion and belief in the potential power of the TPM philosophy.

This shared passion came from touching TPM in practice rather than theory. So here, we would like to express our sincere thanks to some of those good people.

Our many clients continue to be our main source of inspiration through the priority, pace and resources they apply to the TPM process and their operations to gain and sustain competitive advantage. We are particularly indebted to:

Derek Cochrane and Derek Taylor of 3M

Chris Rose and Clive Marsden of Adams

Les Thomson and Mike Milne of BP Amoco

Ian Barraclough of Elkes Biscuits

Gordon Hill and Mike Williamson of Henkel

Danny McGuire and Ken O'Sullivan of RHP Bearings

Grant Budge and many others at RJB Mining

The UK's Department of Industry, specifically through Peter Dalloway, Robin Crosher, John Gillies and Richard Arnott, has actively supported practical research, such as the TPM Experience' project aimed at identifying and disseminating 'TPM Best Practice'. This provides an excellent example of government working in partnership with industry, and long may it continue!

In spreading the TPM message via conferences, workshops and study tours, the roles played by David Willson of Conference Communication and John Moulton and Tom Brock of Network Events, plus John Dwyer and Paddy Baker of Findlay Publications, are all acknowledged with gratitude. Also Doug Osman, formerly a Team Leader at Hoechst Trespaphan, has been an avid supporter of the TPM philosophy at many of our workshops over the years.

A special word of thanks is due to our colleagues in WCS International who have provided much of the inspiration, perspiration and material for this book, and to Heather Scott-Duncan who undertook the onerous task of word-processing the text.

Particular thanks also to Sir Ken Jackson, General Secretary of the AEEU, for his kind contribution in writing the foreword to this book, and to Lynn Williams, National Officer, AEEU, who has been an effective and influential missionary for TPM over the last several years.

Last, but not least, our gratitude to our wives for having the patience to support us and for creating an environment which has given us the time to write this book.

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