Question: What is stopping us achieving best of best consistently?

• Answer: We are not in control of the six big losses

~ However: Best of best has a high belief level. Therefore teamwork and problem solving will lead to elimination of the six big losses.

Question: What is each percentage point improvement worth on OEE?

• Answer: 5 per cent improvement in OEE is often equivalent to 25 per cent of the annual maintenance budget

Figure 3.16 TPM Performance measure which happens to give an average OEE of 83.2 per cent: your target may be

Start to run the three measures, week by week, on your critical machines, lines and processes. Build up the notion of the 'best of best'. It is a very powerful and strong case. If we take the example shown in Figure 3.16, the best availability (week 2) x the best performance rate (week 3) x the best quality rate (week 1) gives an OEE of 90.3 per cent. What stops you achieving the best of best consistently? The answer is that you are not even in control of the six losses, far less eliminating them. This best of best, however, does have a high belief level: 'We have achieved it at least once in the last three weeks; the problem is we do not achieve each of the three OEE elements

Each 1 per cent improvement on the OEE represents a significant contribution to profitability: it is the improvement below the tip of the iceberg. The vital issue is, of course, to determine what you can do with the improvement. Let

In the above example, consistent achievement of the best of best OEE from a 60 per cent base to 75 per cent is a 25 per cent real improvement. This means you can either produce 250 more units in the same time or the same number of units in 25 per cent less time - or, of course, some combination between

The key point is that consistent improvement in the OEE gives the company and its management a choice of flexibility which they do not currently enjoy at

Table 3.2 presents most of the previous points as a summary of TPM's most desirable effects and the resultant benefits. TPM also gives us a clear vision, direction, involvement, empowerment and measurement tool for our

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