Excessive pipe lengths or joints

Redesign system

Table 5.4 Problem solving: overheating and lubrication

When overheating can be attributed to a lubricating problem, it is always best policy to remove all lubricant and replace with new after the problem has been cured. Lubricant which has overheated starts to break down and will not perform as it should, identification of overheating:

• Visual Items that have overheated will discolour or give off smoke.

• Smell In many cases overheated items give off fumes which can be smelt.

• Touch By touching items suspected of overheating one can tell, but caution must be exercised in the first instance. A hand held close to the item will indicate whether it would burn if touched.

• Electrical/ Many items of equipment have built-in temperature-sensing devices Visual and these should be monitored regularly. An awareness of the significance of the temperature readings is essential.

Table 5.5 Problem solving: vibration
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