81 Future vision planning and control

The introduction of TPM to an enterprise starts with a vision of the future, and this is illustrated in very clear terms by Figure 8.1. All the means of achieving TPM which have been discussed in earlier chapters lead to the continuous improvement habit, which embodies the spirit oikaizen and which can be brought to reality by following the WCS approach to TPM. The key point is that when people want to change the way they do things, then they will sustain it.

Some of the major changes which will result from the introduction of TPM, and the benefits which those changes will bring, are as shown in Table 8.1.

Planning, organization and control are essential prerequisites:

• Planning entails allocation of resources on a realistic and achievable basis with regular review and progressive development on the long-term basis necessary for success.

• Organization requires defined resources with clear allocation of roles and responsibilities; this must be accompanied by effective and clearly understood methods of working.

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