63 TPM presentation and plan

The equipment chosen for the pilot project is the M201 milling machine. The TPM presentation for the M201 team had the following headings:

• Introduction

• Equipment description

• Equipment history

• OEE assessment

• Criticality assessment

• Condition appraisal

• Refurbishment

• Future asset care

• Best practice routines

• Problems/improvements

• Implementation plan

• Concluding remarks

The schedule for the project is shown in Figure 6.6.

As discussed in earlier chapters, the TPM improvement plan has the following three cycles and nine steps.

Measurement cycle

• Decide what to record and monitor

• Decide the OEE measures: best of best, world class

• Assess the six losses

Profit forecast

Sales Materials Consumables Inventory adjustment

Material costs Direct labour Pensions Holiday pay

Labour costs



Production overheads





Other overheads Total costs Profit

Cost apportionment

59 340 Revenue forecast


0 0

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