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To achieve world-class performance, the company must move forward to:

• achieve a total quality process;

• satisfy customer requirements;

• consider all internal and external factors;

• meet internal customers and suppliers and agree requirements.

TPM is the vehicle to deliver customer satisfaction and to secure the company's future and jobs. In this pilot project, the meaning of TPM may be said to have moved from 'Today's Problematic Miller' to 'Tomorrow's Perfect Miller'!

Suffice to say that this syndicate team won the award of 'best presentation', adjudged by their other three syndicate team colleagues on the final day of their four-day TPM workshop.

capability and experience to ensure that the roll-out process is both realistic in terms of priority, pace and resources and achievable in terms of objectives.

The pilot selection process and the CAN DO/5S improvement zone activity will also ensure that the implementation of TPM is customized and builds on existing progress and good practices and the 'logic' of the organization structure.

Chapter 3 presented the implementation process as a journey which comprises three main elements (as shown in Figure 7.1 for convenience):

• Securing management commitment

• Trialling and proving the TPM route as part of the policy development

• Deployment of that policy through four milestones, based on the geographic improvement zones

The implementation timescales shown in Figure 7.1 will of course vary according to the size of the operation, the amount of resources committed and the pace at which change can be initiated and absorbed. All these key questions, plus cost/benefit potential, are addressed within the scoping study or 'planning the plan' phase.

Thorough planning is an essential forerunner for successful implementation. Likewise, if you do not secure senior management commitment from the outset, then do not start the programme. The raising of expectations and the likely high risk of failure without that commitment are the issues at stake here.

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