46 Companywide TPM

As equipment losses are brought more under control, management attention can be directed towards other issues in the value stream/supply chain.

The progression of classic TPM into company-wide TPM recognized the need to define more closely the changing roles of maintainers and managers as they evolve from looking inward to becoming customer-focused.

The importance of safety is also given recognition as well as TPM in the office environment. The number of pillar champions under company-wide TPM has increased from five to eight.

The classic five principles are a good starting point for implementing top-down roles. These correspond closely to key management roles (Table 4.2).

Management's role in TPM is to create an environment which pulls through continuous improvement bottom-up rather than pushing initiatives top-down. A good way of explaining the five pillar champion roles is by linking the pillar champion to the five questions set out in Chapter 3.



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