44 Fourth principle continuous skill development

The whole emphasis of TPM, and hence the three-cycle, nine-step improvement plan, is geared to taking its participants - whether the Chief Executive or the operators and maintainers - on a journey from innocence to excellence (Figure 4.8).

Training is about learning and understanding. The best and only way to retain our learning and understanding is through experience. Learning is best retained by a series of well-structured and relevant single-point lessons. There is only one way to learn TPM, and that is to actually go and do it\ However, preparation and awareness are also all-important before putting it into practice. So we have to proceed with thought, planning, care and 100 per cent attention to detail.

Knowledge enhancement:

■ involvement

■ motivation

■ understanding

Skills enhancement:

■ specific to individual

■ specific to function

Competent person:

■ assessment

■ accreditation

Figure 4.8 TPM awareness and training: innocence to excellence

We have said already, and it is worth repeating: TPM is a philosophy or a concept which uses hard and proven enabling tools. Moreover, TPM can be measured. It is total quality with teeth! It is also a powerful involvement process which has to be communicated through awareness and training. The benefits of training are not always immediately apparent, but if you believe training is expensive, try ignorance: that can be really expensive!

Remember also that communication is a two-way continuous process, and so is TPM. As a TPM facilitator at Vauxhall Motors, Ellesmere Port, said at the completion of his TPM pilot team presentation: 'TPM stands for "today people matter", and as a result you will get "totally pampered machines" '.

In setting up your TPM programme, you should give clear thought and definition to the following:

1 Establish purpose of training.

2 Establish training objectives.

3 Agree method of delivery.

4 Set up training framework and modules.

5 Design training and awareness programme.

The total training programme can result only from detailed study of a particular company or plant, and the programme must be tailored to the needs of all the people involved and applied to all equipment they are working with. Chapter 7 gives full consideration to designing your own tailored TPM training programme.

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