Strive for zero breakdowns

Optimize progress

Better than new performance OEE+5Q to 60%

4-5 yrs

8.3 TPM cost/benefit analysis

The impact of equipment losses ripples through the organization, touching every function and promoting reactive, inward-looking systems and processes. As equipment becomes more reliable through the application of TPM, these ways of working will not be automatically revised to reflect that fact. As Figure 8.8 illustrates, there is little merit in getting a machine OEE up from 65 per cent to 90 per cent, if the door-to-door losses stay at 55 per cent.

To address this issue, company-wide TPM considers company-wide losses under four main headings:

• Transformation

• Management

Equipment losses

This covers the traditional six classic losses plus design losses of operability

45% 'VALUE CHAIN' OEE (80%)


55% DOOR-TO-DOOR OEE (85%)


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