38Some TPM guidelines to follow faithfully

When assessing the potential benefits of TPM, always consider:

• the hidden benefits of being able to produce, say, 15 per cent more with the same resources, within a year;

• the difference it would make to your job if things happened as planned;

• what you want your company to be like in three to five years' time, and the impact that TPM would have on achieving the vision;

• that unless you are prepared to change and direct resources towards continuous improvement, you will fail. There is no other investment like it;

• you cannot afford to carry passengers. Everyone must be involved. When assessing the potential benefits of TPM, never:

• look only at direct costs;

• believe you are achieving TPM effectively already, unless you can show consistent benefits;

• look for a short-term fix. Expect gains, but you will not keep them unless TPM is part of a long-term commitment to strive for zero losses;

• expect the change to be limited to the shopfloor. All departments have an influence on equipment effectiveness;

• expect it to be easy. TPM will need a high degree of motivation and determination to succeed. Your company will need to learn how to work together to succeed. Most of the resistance will come from management. It will be passive and difficult to detect.

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