37 What is the TPM improvement plan

The TPM teams will follow the three-cycle, nine-step TPM improvement plan shown in Figure 3.19 in order to achieve and sustain world-class levels of overall equipment effectiveness by:

• measuring current equipment performance levels and setting priorities for improvement;

• developing a high level of knowledge of the equipment and its function;

• restoring the equipment to an acceptable condition in order to eliminate problems associated with deterioration;

• applying a level of asset care which sustains the new condition by exposing changes in condition and performance at an early stage and continuously improving techniques of prevention at the source of deterioration;

• eliminating problems using problem-solving and problem-prevention techniques to identify and remove the root causes;

• providing the best common practice and standardization of operation, equipment support and asset care for each piece of equipment across each shift, incorporating visual management and the training necessary to achieve this.

The measurement cycle

Collect equipment 1 history & performance information

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