1 Our Highest Priority

Figure 8.1 Our 'Spark to Start vision' win/win contract

Table 8.1 TPM enablers and results



Machines run close to name-plate capacity Ideas to improve often proposed by operators Breakdown rate reduced Machines adapted to our needs by our people

Operators solve problems themselves Cleanliness and pride in continuous improvement More output from existing plant

Reduce need for excess capacity


Used to learn and teach the team

Our machines will be better

Fewer delays and stoppages Good working environment

More profits

• Control The two aspects of control are coordination, which is concerned with what happens next and is most effective with simple vision systems and procedures; and feedback, which is

- concerned with goals for time, cost and quality

- used to identify the reasons for failure and to prevent recurrence

- the source of objective evidence of the need for increased resources, modification of goals or the introduction of specialists.

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