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TPM principles, review measurement cycle (define APQ loss categories, data capture requirements), establish customer needs and key performance indicators. Define current activity list, and carry out clear and clean planning.

Identify priority areas from data collection. Carry out outline brown paper exercise to assess filing, numbering and labelling systems. Extend clear and clean to filing systems. Restore obvious labelling/numbering system deficiencies as appropriate. Introduce routine clear and clean activities (e.g. 15 minutes per day).

Audit arrangement progress/status. Identify filing/ information retrieval improvement priorities and allocate as part of CAN DO neat and tidy.

Audit neat and tidy progress/status.

Workflow analysis: Review six loss assessment and select priorities for improvement.

Develop detailed brown paper model of priority administration area. Use critical assessment to review each part of the process (include labelling, filing and reference systems). Carry out condition appraisal of critical elements, agree actions to restore system to working condition. Audit neat and tidy progress and allocate CAN DO checking priorities. Focus on reducing the effort required for routine activities such as checking, spotting workload build-ups and workplace/system 'maintenance' activities.

Record current losses, complete first-level activity analysis. Allocation of CAN DO areas. Select location for TPM board.

Focus on CAN DO maintaining the arrangement, preventing unnecessary items from entering the areas.

Focus on CAN DO neat and tidy retrieval goal, space organization and labelling needs.

As above.

Focus on CAN DO checking and return activities as well as critical system res tora tion / simpli f ica tion.

Table 10.4 ITA core team activity programme (contd.)



Activity prior to next session

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