881 Handling Srs Components

The following notes are provided to Rover-trained technicians and they are included here because they contain some valuable advice for all vehicle technicians.

Safety precautions, storage and handling

Airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners are capable of causing serious injury if abused or mishandled. The following precautions must be adhered to:

In a vehicle

• ALWAYS fit genuine new parts when replacing SRS components.

• ALWAYS refer to the relevant workshop manual before commencing work on a supplementary restraint system.

• Remove the ignition key and disconnect both battery leads, earth lead first, and wait 10 min to allow the DCU back-up power circuits to discharge before commencing work on the SRS.

• DO NOT probe SRS components or harness with multi-meter probes unless following a manufacturer's approved diagnostic routine.

• ALWAYS use the manufacturers approved equipment when diagnosing SRS faults.

• Avoid working directly in line with the airbag when connecting or disconnecting multiplug wiring connectors.

• NEVER fit an SRS component which shows signs of damage or you suspect has been abused.


• ALWAYS carry airbag modules with the cover facing upwards.

• DO NOT carry more than one airbag module at a time.

• DO NOT drop SRS components.

• DO NOT carry airbag modules or seat belt pre-tensioners by their wires.

• DO NOT tamper with, dismantle, attempt to repair or cut any components used in the supplementary restraint system.

• DO NOT immerse SRS components in fluid.

• DO NOT attach anything to the airbag module cover.

• DO NOT transport airbag module or seat belt pre-tensioner in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. ALWAYS use the luggage compartment.


• ALWAYS keep SRS components dry.

• ALWAYS store a removed airbag module with the cover facing upwards.

• DO NOT allow anything to rest on the airbag module.

• ALWAYS place the airbag module or pre-tensioner in the designated storage area.

• ALWAYS store the airbag module on a flat, secure surface well away from electrical equipment or sources of high temperature.

Airbag modules and pyrotechnic seat belt pre-tensioners are classed as explosive articles and as such must be stored overnight in an approved, secure steel cabinet which is registered with the Local Authority.

Disposal of airbag modules and pyrotechnic seatbelt pre-tensioners

If a vehicle which contains airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners that have not been deployed (activated), is to be scrapped, the airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners must be rendered inoperable by activating them manually, prior to disposal. This procedure may only be performed in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction manual.

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