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Where it is considered to be pertinent to the topic being covered, aspects of OBD II have been introduced. For example:

• the SAE J 1962 standardized diagnostic connector;

• the downstream oxygen sensor for exhaust catalyst monitoring;

Because European on-board diagnostics (EOBD) is likely to become compulsory in the near future and because it will probably embody many of the USA OBD II features, it will be useful to consider some further features of the USA standard. OBD II (on-board diagnostics version 2) applies to cars and light vans that are used in the USA. It affected petrol engined vehicles from model year 1994 and certain aspects of it have applied to diesel engined vehicles from model year 1996. Figure 8.15 shows a Bosch M5 system that is designed for OBD II.

Fig. 8.15 A system that meets OBD II requirements (Bosch)

Much of the technology that is included in this system is already in use and it has been covered in earlier chapters. However, there are other aspects of the self-diagnostics capacity of OBD II systems that should be considered here. These are:

• fuel system leakage

• secondary air injection

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