411 Accessing Diagnostic Data When There Is No Serial Port

In the UK, the average life of a vehicle is approximately 10 years and this means that vehicle technicians are likely to encounter a range of computer controlled automotive systems, some of which may not have a serial diagnostic port. To provide for this contingency, the Lucas Laser machine can be adapted for use on computer controlled systems that do not have a serial port by the use of an additional piece of equipment, known as the Lucas Laser 1500. This piece of equipment is shown in Fig. 4.2 and can perform the following functions.

• The Laser 1500 is a data acquisition unit which may be connected between the ECM and the main harness connector to the ECM.

• Once the interface is secure, the Laser 2000 machine is connected to the Laser 1500 and the computer controlled system can be subjected to a similar range of tests to those that have a serial port. System specific adapter cables are required together with overlays that make the Laser 1500 adaptable to a range of systems. Figure 4.2 shows the general principle.

Fig. 4.2 Lucas Laser 1500 equipment
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