134 Optoelectronic Sensing For The Ignition System

Figure 1.9 shows the electronic ignition photoelectronic distributor sensor used on a Kia. There are two electronic devices involved in the operation of the basic device. One is a light-emitting diode (LED), which converts electricity into light, and the other is a photodiode that can be 'switched on' when the light from the LED falls on it.

Fig. 1.9 An optoelectronic sensor

Another version of this type of sensor is shown in Fig. 1.10. Here the rotor plate has 360 slits placed at 1° intervals, for engine speed sensing, and a series of larger holes for TDC indication that are placed nearer the center of the rotor plate. One of these larger slits is wider than the others and it is used to indicate TDC for number 1 cylinder.

As the processing power of microprocessors has increased it is natural to expect that system designers will use the increased power to provide further features such as combustion knock sensing and adaptive ignition control.

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