Uneven wear in parts is often due to turbulence. Bad piping designs or poorly sized valves can cause turbulence and uneven wear in pumps. Whenever possible, use straight pipe sections before and after the pump. Uneven flow creates turbulent flow and excessive wear occurs.

It is not recommended to place an elbow at the suction of any pump (Figure 16-2, next page). This will cause a turbulent flow into the pump. If elbows are needed on both sides of the pump, you should use long radius elbows with flow straighteners. You should have 10 pipes diameters before the first elbow on the suction piping (Example: If the pump has a 4 inch suction nozzle, you should rcspect 40 inch of straight pipe before the first suction elbow.) Short radius elbows cause vibrations and pressure imbalances that to lead to wear and maintenance on the pump.



Figure 16-2

A pipe size increaser can be used in the discharge piping. This will reduce the fluid velocity and friction losses. An isolation valve with a low loss characteristic such as a gate valve should be placed after the increaser and check valve.

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