NPSHa Ha Hs2 Hvp Hf Hi NPSHa 339 60 0839 20 20 NPSHa 35061 feet

To avoid stress from inadequate NPSHa during the draining process, we should consult the pump curve and be sure that the NPSHr is less than 35 ft at the duty point.

Now let's consider Figure 2-2. This is a pump in suction lift draining an opened tank that's 8 feet below the pump centerline. This pump is installed high on a mountain at 7,000 feet above sea level. The Ha is 26.2 feet. The Hs! is -8.0 feet. The water temperature is 50° F, so the Hvp is 0.411. The Hf is 1 foot and the Hi is 2.0. According to the information:

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