Centrifugal Pumps

explained like they have never been explained before!

Centrifugal pumps are made up of several components and are expected to cope in a multitude of environments, some quite hostile, fln understanding of how they work, why they work, why and how they go wrong and what to do about it can only come from a mix of theory and experience, but the theory needs to be presented in a form which is absorbable and Interesting if it Is to be retained.

tarry Bachus has been lecturing to engineers on centrifugal pumps for many years in the USFl and Latin Rmerica. Over the years he has developed a style which is lively, informative and down to earth: you may have read his 'Pump Guy' column in EnergyTech magazine. Co-author Rngel Custodio, who runs a consulting engineering company in Puerto Rico, has combined his knowledge and experience with that of Larry Bachus to produce this lively and understandable book.

Intended for graduate engineers, maintenance engineers, end -users and those needing an accessible account of centrifugal pumps, this book explains it all!

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