Desalinization and Water Purification

Desalinization and water purification are done through distillation or reverse osmosis. Usually a simple plant used for marine or power plants is used for distillation. The size of the plant can be scaled up or down. It can tolerate a wide latitude of feeder water quality, but requires high temperatures and results in more corrosion and more maintenance. It is usually only efficient using low pressure steam. The temperature is from 70° to 250°F with a vacuum as low as 25 inches of mercury. The pumps are usually 316 or alloy 20.

The reverse osmosis process using a membrane is simple, compact, more efficient, and uses ambient temperature. The membranes are sensitive to metal pick ups. It can purify dirty well water, brackish water with 200 to 600 psi. If it is used for desalinization of salt water, the pressures are from 800 to 1000 psi. Miscellaneous pumps can either be 316 or non-metallic.

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