The total head of 41.84 ft (12.75 m) is equivalent to 1 lb (N) of the liquid raised 41.48 ft (12.75 m) above the datum plane (zero velocity) or the pressure head of 1 lb (N) of the liquid under a column height of 41.84 ft (12.75 m) measured at the datum plane.

The gage pressure p, and consequently the pressure head, are measured relative to atmospheric pressure. Gage pressure head can therefore be a positive or a negative quantity. The pressure may also be expressed as an absolute pressure (measured from complete vacuum). Therefore, when velocity, pressure, and elevation heads are combined to obtain the total energy at a point, it should be clearly stated that the total head is either feet (meters) gage or feet (meters) absolute with respect to the datum plane.

The pressure or velocity of a liquid may at times be given as a pressure head of a liquid having a density different from the density of the liquid being pumped. In the total head, that is, the sum of the pressure, velocity, and elevation heads, the components must be corrected to be equal to the head of the liquid being pumped. For example, if the pressure is measured by a manometer to be 24 in (61 cm) of mercury (sp. gr. = 13.6) absolute, the pressure head, or energy, in foot-pounds per pound (newton-meters per newton) of water pumped at 60°F (15.6°C) is found as follows.

Let subscripts 1 and 2 denote different liquids or, in this example, mercury and water, respectively:

Therefore in USCS units in SI units

Also, h2 = (27.2- 13.6)(f§) = -6.8 ft [(8.3 - 13.6)(1|) = -2.04 m] gage if corrected to a standard barometer of 30 in (76 cm) of mercury.

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