Time Required For Priming

The time required to prime a pump with a vacuum-producing device depends on (1) the total volume to be exhausted, (2) the initial and final vacuums, and (3) the capacity of the vacuum-producing device over the range of vacuums that will exist during the priming cycle. The calculations for determining the time necessary to prime a pump are complicated. To permit close approximations, jet primers are usually rated in net capacity for various lifts. It is necessary to divide the volume to be exhausted by the rating to obtain the approximate priming time. Unless such a simplified method is available, the selection of the size of a primer is best left to the vendor of the equipment.

Central automatic priming systems are usually rated for the total volume to be kept primed. The time initially required to prime each unit served by the central system is not usually considered, as the basic function of the system is to keep the pumps primed and in operating condition at all times.

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