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FIGURE 5 Main boost pump altitude climb (kg/h = PPH X 0.4536; m = ft X 0.3048; bar = psi X 0.06895; °C = (°F - 32) X 0.556).

pump has demonstrated a graceful type of failure mode. It does not fail in a catastrophic manner in which it suddenly ceases to function. It slowly, over an extended period of time, degrades in performance until it no longer meets minimum requirements, but continues to function. In commercial service, these pumps routinely operate for over 10,000 flight hours without service or repair.

Table 1 presents the pertinent characteristics of representative external spur gear main fuel pumps.

Other types of positive displacement pumps, such as axial piston and sliding vane pumps, have been applied to engine main fuel pumps. These have not achieved the level of acceptance of external tooth gear pumps.

On highly specialized engines, such as military fighter aircraft engines, additional high-pressure fuel pump functions may be required. These include fuel pumps for supplying the thrust augmentation systems (afterburners) and, in some applications, fuel pressure for the actuation system for the engine's exhaust nozzle. Because augmentation fuel


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