The Rd170 Engine

The RD-170 rocket engine was developed in the Soviet Union and is described in some detail by Sutton6. Propellants are liquid oxygen and an RP1 equivalent. Consisting of four nozzles, each of which produces about the same thrust as one SSME, this "four-engines-in-one" configuration is fed by a single propellant pump assembly—similar in concept to the F-1 turbopump. Referring to Table 13 of Section 2.1, the oxygen pump produces a pressure rise of about 8,500 lb/in2 (59 MPa), which is undoubtedly the highest pressure rise of any centrifugal pump stage in the world, making it the highest-energy pump of Figure 32 in Section 2.1. Not far behind is the RP1 pump at 7,100 lb/in2 (49 MPa). Assuming the pump efficiency to be 80 percent would yield a total shaft power for both pumps of about 230,000 hp (172 MW). At such high energy levels, as discussed in Section 2.1, the life of this pump must indeed be quite short. However, the design appears to have been successful. The only drawback is the environmental issue concerning the burning of a large quantity of hydrocarbon fuel, which is also an inhibition to further use of the F-1 engine.

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