The Liquidjet Liquid Ljl Pump

Equations for the LJL pump are much simpler than the corresponding LJGL and LJG equations because of the elimination of all f terms. In this case, Eqs. (1), (3), (5), and (7) reduce to the following set:


Pt - Po = Z32b + 2SM2b2/(1 - b) - b2(2 + Kth)(1 + SM)(1 + M)] (12) Pd - Pt = Zb( 1 + SM)(1 + M)(1 - Kdl - a2) (13)

Throat Entry Ps - Po = ZS( 1 + Ken)M2/c2 Throat Diffuser

Pump efficiency h is defined as the ratio of useful work rate on the secondary fluid Q2 to the energy extracted from the primary liquid:

Two other definitions of efficiency are found in the literature, as follows:

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