Hydrostatic Testing Hydrostatic testing in accordance with ASME code rules is conventional except that specific documentation is required.

Performance Testing Performance of nuclear pumps is verified by procedures common to non-nuclear pumps. In addition, however, it may be necessary to demonstrate pump performance under some emergency condition, such as loss of cooling water or seal injection water. Also, a test under simulated total-loss-of-power conditions may be required, in which the reactor coolant pump must coast safely to a stop and withstand loss of both cooling and seal injection water for a finite time.

Periodic Testing The ASME code, under its rules for in-service inspection (Section XI), requires periodic testing of certain pumps installed in a nuclear plant. The pumps affected by these rules are those associated with the safety systems and those that may be required to function during an emergency or a reactor shutdown. Examples of such pumps are those for core spray, residual heat removal, boron injection, and containment spray. If pumps cannot be tested in their usual circuit, they must be supplied with bypass loops that can be valved off.

The field testing procedure involves obtaining a baseline set of values for head, flow, speed (if variable), vibration, inlet pressure, and bearing temperatures. The flow quantity that sizes the bypass loop is not specified in the code, but in the practical sense, the flow must be adequate to prevent overheating of the pump and overloading of the bearings. Also, because it is an off-design point, consideration is given to the potential for rough operation due to impeller internal recirculation and possible low-flow cavitation damage. Code rules call for a five-minute running period every three months and longer periods where it is necessary for bearing temperatures to stabilize. If the differences between periodic operating data and baseline data exceed permissible limits, the cause for the differences must be sought and corrected. Record-keeping is therefore a significant part of pump in-service testing.

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