= shear stress, psi (kPa)


= gas flow ratio QG/Q1


= gas flow ratio QGs/Q1 at s


1 = liquid primary flow

2 = liquid secondary flow

G = gas secondary flow 2G = bubbly secondary flow 2G0 = bubbly sec. flow at 0 mep = maximum efficiency point op = operating point L = limit for cavitating flow 3 = combined fluids 1, 2, and G i, s, n = locations (see Fig. 1) 0, t, d = locations (see Fig. 1) c0 = flow-ratio cut off f = friction loss n = nozzle en = throat entry th = mixing throat di = diffuser td = throat and diffuser

Subscript Examples

Q2 = secondary liquid vol. flow rate QG0 = secondary gas flow rate, at 0

Q2G0 = flow rate of bubbly mixture of gas in the secondary liquid, at 0

NOTE: The convention for pressure and stress in this section is to use psi (and psia) for pounds per square inch (and pounds per square inch absolute) instead of the conventional lb/in2 used throughout the rest of the handbook.

FIGURE 1 Liquid-jet gas and liquid pump and nomenclature
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