Suction Problems

1. Pump not primed

2. Pump suction pipe not completely filled with liquid

3. Insufficient available NPSH

4. Excessive amount of air or gas in liquid

5. Air pocket in suction line

6. Air leaks into suction line

7. Air leaks into pump through stuffing boxes or through mechanical seal

7a. Air in source of sealing liquid

8. Water seal pipe plugged

9. Seal cage improperly mounted in stuffing box

10. Inlet of suction pipe insufficiently submerged

11. Vortex formation at suction

12. Pump operated with closed or partially closed suction valve

13. Clogged suction strainer

14. Obstruction in suction line

15. Excessive friction losses in suction line

16. Clogged impeller

17. Suction elbow in plane parallel to the shaft (for double-suction pumps)

18. Two elbows in suction piping at 90° to each other, creating swirl and prerotation

19. Selection of pump with too high a suction specific speed

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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