Steam TurbineDriven Turbogenerators

auxiliary condensate pumps When the steam leaving a steam ship's turbogenerator exhausts into an auxiliary condenser, an auxiliary condensate pump is ordinarily used to remove condensate from the auxiliary condenser's hotwell and return it to the DFT. A typical auxiliary condensate pump is a vertical two-stage centrifugal pump that is similar in configuration to a main condensate pump but is smaller in size. One auxiliary condensate pump is typically furnished for each auxiliary condenser. Crossover lines are, however, often provided so each auxiliary condensate pump on a vessel can remove condensate from any of the vessel's auxiliary condensers.

auxiliary circulating pumps A single-stage centrifugal pump is often used to circulate seawater through the tubes of an auxiliary condenser that receives steam exhausted from a vessel's turbogenerator. Seawater discharged by this pump may also be directed to the generator's lubricating-oil and air coolers. One auxiliary circulating pump is typically furnished for each auxiliary condenser. Crossover lines, however, are often provided so one generator's auxiliary circulating pump can supply seawater to any of the vessel's auxiliary condensers. In addition, a line is often installed that permits seawater discharged from a vessel's auxiliary circulating pumps to be directed, in case of a main circulating pump failure, to a main condenser.

LUBRICATING-OIL pumps A typical turbogenerator is fitted with an internal or external gear-type lubricating-oil (LO) pump that is geared to and driven by the turbine. The pump ordinarily takes its suction from a sump located below the turbine's reduction gears and discharges lubricating oil to bearings, the turbine's reduction gears, and the governor that controls the flow of steam to the turbine. A separate hand-operated or electric-motor-driven gear pump may also be provided to enable lubricating oil to be circulated through the LO system during generator start-up and shutdown periods.

A duplex strainer, a cooler, and one or more relief valves are often included in a turbogenerator's LO system. In addition to protecting the system from overpressurization, the relief valves act as backpressure valves that maintain the desired LO pressure in various parts of the system. This arrangement permits lubricating oil sent to the governor to be at a higher pressure than the oil directed to bearings and reduction gears. A turbogenerator is ordinarily fitted with a trip that stops the flow of steam to the turbine if the LO pressure drops below a preset value.

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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