Service Factoring

Service factoring of a mechanical adjustable-speed belt drive is common practice when the normal operating requirements for steady constant-torque loads running 8 hours/day, 5 days/week are to be exceeded.

Drives to be used other-than-normal service as previously described must be selected by use of modifying factors that will provide correct service capacity. Some unusual service requirements are moderate to heavy shock loads, 24 hours/day continuous operation, and constant-power demands over a wide speed range.

Other unusual service conditions may be suggested by the following information check list. This list itemizes required information data that should be furnished to the variablespeed drive manufacturer for those applications calling for unusual service.

1. Speed and torque required for the application

2. Value and frequency of peak-load conditions

3. Hours of operation per day or week

4. Frequency of starts and stops

5. Inertia (WK2) of the load

6. Frequency of reversals of rotation direction

7. Electric and mechanical overload protection provisions

8. Method used to connect drive output shaft to driven load

9. Any unusual environment or other operating condition

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