Service And Maintenance

Proportioning pumps utilizing manual capacity controls can be installed, serviced, and operated by plant personnel. Pneumatic capacity controls are more sophisticated, but after their construction and function are understood, maintenance and service should become routine. Electric capacity controls require a basic understanding of electric circuits for installation, operation, and routine service. Modular construction allows repair service by replacement of component groups, thus diminishing the task of trouble-shooting.

All proportioning pumps utilize suction and discharge check valves. These require regular maintenance and service because they are used frequently, encounter corrosion, and must be kept in good working order to ensure accurate pump delivery. Service periods are greatly dependent on liquids pumped, pump operating speed, and daily running time. Usual service periods run from 30 days to 6 months or longer. Check valves are designed to facilitate service with a minimum of downtime, thus allowing replacement of wearing parts at minimum expense. Good design allows this service to be accomplished without breaking pipe connections to the pump.

Packed plunger pumps require periodic adjustments of the packing takeup device to compensate for packing and plunger wear. Packing has to be replaced periodically, and regular lubrication of bearings and wear points is required.

The lubricating oil in speed-reduction gearing, either separate integral units or built in, must be changed at six-month intervals.

Diaphragm pumps usually require replacement of the diaphragm as part of routine service at six-month intervals. On hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps, the hydraulic fluid must also be changed.

Pneumatic and electric controls generally present no special maintenance problems. The frequency of routine cleaning and lubrication is dependent on environmental conditions and should be consistent with general plant maintenance procedures.

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