Selection Of Pump Driver And Auxiliaries

As stated previously, the selection of pump type for a particular application is influenced by such factors as the fluid characteristics, required materials of construction, system flow/head requirements, intended equipment life, energy cost, and availability of certain utilities, such as cooling water. Accuracy in these areas is critical for proper selection of pumps.

Pump Types There are several different types of basic pump designs. Each design can be used for a range of flow and head combinations. Figure 1 gives a general overview of the type of pump that can be used for various heads and flow rates.

In addition to capacity and head considerations, other operating characteristics of a pump will help the engineer to select a pump type for a given application. Some of the considerations are detailed in the following sections.

Self Priming Requirement If a pump is taking suction from a source below the pump suction nozzle, a self-priming capability may be necessary. Positive displacement pumps

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