FIGURE 33 Paper plup impeller (Flowserve Corporation)

FIGURE 34 Open impellers. Notice that the impellers at left and right are strengthened by a partial shroud (Flowserve Corporation).

FIGURE 35 An open impeller with partial shroud (Flowserve Corporation)

FIGURE 35 An open impeller with partial shroud (Flowserve Corporation)

FIGURE 36 Semiopen impeller (Flowserve Corporation)

FIGURE 37 The front and back views of an open impeller with a partial shroud and pump-out vanes on the back side (Flowserve Corporation)
FIGURE 38 Parts of a double-suction impeller

If the pump shaft terminates at the impeller so that the latter is supported by bearings on one side, the impeller is called an overhung impeller. This type of construction is the best for end-suction pumps with single-suction impellers.

Impeller Nomenclature The inlet of an impeller just before the section where the vanes begin is called the suction eye (see Figure 38). In a closed-impeller pump, the suction eye diameter is taken as the smallest inside diameter of the shroud. In determining the area of the suction eye, the area occupied by the impeller shaft hub is deducted.

The hub is the central part of the impeller that is bored out to receive the pump shaft. The term, however, is also frequently used for the part of the impeller that rotates in the casing fit or in the casing wearing ring. It is then referred to as the outer impeller hub or the wearing-ring hub of the shroud.

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