Data There probably are as many test data forms as there are test laboratories. Each may or may not have an advantage for its particular application. A form for recording pump performance data is shown in Figure 28.

The manufacturer's serial number, type, and size or other means of identification of each pump and driver involved in the test should be carefully recorded in order that mistakes in identity may be avoided. The dimensions and physical conditions not only of the machine tested but of all associated parts of the plant which have any important bearing on the outcome of a test, should be noted.

Normal practice suggests that one test run be either at or as near as possible to the rated condition and that at least three runs be within the specified range of heads.

Plotting Test Results In plotting curves from the test results, it should be kept in mind that any one point may be in error but that all the points should establish a trend.

Unless some external factor is introduced to cause an abrupt change, a smooth curve can be drawn for the points plotted, not necessarily through each and every one. Figure 29 is a graphic representation showing the determination of pump performance with the total head, power input, and efficiency in percent, all plotted on the same graph with the capacity as the abscissa.

Reports In some instances a preliminary report may be issued as part of a contract agreement. However, normally a final report is all that is required.

on shop tests of relatively small pumps, the test log and plotted results constitute the entire report. Reports get progressively more involved as pumps become larger. where

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