Rate Of Flow

FIGURE 14 Varying centrifugal pump speed to maintain constant flow for the different reservoir levels shown in Figure 13

FIGURE 15 Construction of system total-head curves for various valve openings

It is important to select a pump that will have its best efficiency within the operating range of the system and preferably at the condition at which the pump will operate most often.

Variable System Resistance A valve or valves in the discharge line of a centrifugal pump alter the variable frictional head portion of the total system-head curve and consequently the pump flow. Figure 15, for example, illustrates the use of a discharge valve to change the system head for the purpose of varying pump flow during a shop performance test. The maximum flow is obtained with a completely open valve, and the only resistance to flow is the friction in the piping, fittings, and flowmeter. A closed valve results in the pump's operating at shutoff conditions and produces maximum head. Any flow between maximum and shutoff can be obtained by proper adjustment of the valve opening.

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