- rate of flow, ft3/s (m3/s) : coefficient of discharge for nozzle : area of nozzle throat, ft2 (m2) ^ acceleration of gravity, 32.17 ft/s2 (9.81 m/s2) head at or across the nozzle, ft (m) ratio of throat to inlet diameter (D2/D1) : rate of flow, gpm : area of nozzle throat, in2

In an orifice meter, a thin plate orifice inserted across a pipeline is used for measuring flow in much the same manner as a flow nozzle (Figure 11). The upstream pressure connection is often located about one pipe diameter upstream from the orifice plate. The pressure of the jet ranges from a minimum at the vena contracta (the smallest cross section of the jet) to a maximum at about four or five conduit diameters downstream from the orifice plate. The downstream pressure connection (the center connection in Figure 11) is usually made at the vena contracta to obtain a large pressure differential across the orifice.

The pressure tap openings should be free from burrs and flush with the interior surfaces of the pipe. Equations for the orifice plate are

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