Pump Construction

The pump section views in Figures 5 to 8 illustrate the construction of some composite pumps.

Components Figure 9 shows various pump components made from both thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. The enclosed impellers are made of thermoplastic resins

FIGURE 5 ANSI/ASME B73.5M pump (Flowserve Corporation)

because the front and back shroud can be ultrasonic- or vibration-welded together. Semi-open impellers can be made of either type of composite. On sizes greater than 6 in (152 mm) diameter, thermosets are usually used due to their superior strength over thermoplastics. When thermoplastics are used in larger impellers, a metal reinforcing skeleton is used for reinforcement. Casing and casing covers are made of either composite depending on the pump size and pressure rating.

The seal between the casing and cover is usually a shaped "O-ring" held by a groove running around the perimeter of the casing. The "O-ring" is compressed between the casing and cover with a ring of bolts around the casing's perimeter.

Shafts are made of AISI 4140 or 316 stainless steel with a thermoplastic shaft sleeve for corrosion protection. Mechanical seals are of "outside" construction to prevent liquid from contacting the metal portion (springs) of the seal.

Bedplates Composite materials have several advantages over metals and other materials when used for bedplates. Composites do not rust, rot, or deteriorate in adverse environments. The composite bedplate maintains its shape over time. This assures that the pump shafts will stay in alignment, and the pump's nozzle will not be stressed due to a sagging bedplate. The designed in features in a composite bedplate include an integral drip lip, slopping surface to collect drips, and ringed grout holes.

Disclaimer The data and notes included in this section are only for general guidance. No recommendations are intended as a guarantee by the author or other sources. Pump manufacturers and material suppliers can supply specific application information for their products when used with specific liquids in identified services and environments.

FIGURE 6 Vertical immersion pump (Flowserve Corporation)
FIGURE 8 Fluoropolymer sprayed lined ANSI/ASME B73.3 pump (Goulds Pumps)
FIGURE 9 Components made of thermoset (Flowserve Corporation)
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