Pump And Prcv Selection Example

Total system design capacity Design capacity

Design pressure at system header outlet Minimum pressure at suction header

PRCV loss, Figure 6

Qd = 380 gpm (86.3 m3/h) Q1, Q2 = 190 gpm (43.1 m3/h)

Allowance for internal frictional losses H„

70 ft at 100 ft NPSH

Calculate H:

70) + 36 + 5 = 181 ft* (Eq. 9) - 21.3) + 11 + 1.5 = 55.2 m

Table 2, calculate and tabulate H for all applicable PRCV sizes up to the design flow rate of 190 gpm (43.1 m3/h). Hv and Hu terms vary as the square of the flow rate.

Now locate H at 190 gpm (43.1 m3/h) on the applicable pump curve. Select the pump and PRCV combination that best satisfies the design criterion of least first cost or lowest energy input.

*Due to the many approximations, decimal amounts are not used in the final results.

TABLE 2 Required head for pressure reducing valves
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