Pulsation Dampeners

The performance of a power pump, or its interaction with the suction and discharge piping systems, can often be improved by adding suction and discharge dampeners. Damp-eners are used to reduce suction and discharge pressure pulsations. A properly sized and located suction dampener can reduce the system pulsations to an equivalent pipe length of 5 to 15 pipe diameters. If the dampener is the flow-through type, it should be located on the same side as the pipe, not at the dead end of the manifold.

The most commonly used dampeners are the gas-bladder types. These units are normally charged with nitrogen gas at 50 to 66 percent of the system pressure. Although these units are relatively inexpensive, they can attenuate up to 90 percent of the pressure pulsations, below 50 Hz, in the interconnecting piping systems.

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