Preface To The First Edition

Considering that I had written the prefaces of the three books published so far under my name, my colleagues thought it both polite and expedient to suggest that I prepare the preface to this handbook, coedited by the four of us. Except for the writing of the opening paragraph of an article, a preface is the most difficult assignment that I know. Certainly the preface to a handbook should do more than describe minutely and in proper order the material that is contained therein.

Yet I submit that the saying "a book should not be judged by its cover" should be expanded by adding "and not by its preface." If the reader will accept this disclaimer, I can proceed.

As will be stated in Section 1, "Introduction and Classification of Pumps," it can rightly be claimed that no machine and very few tools have had as long a history in the service of man as the pump, or have filled as broad a need in his life. Every process which underlies our modern civilization involves the transfer of liquids from one level of pressure or static energy to another. Pumps have played an essential role in our life ever since the dawn of civilization.

Thus it is that a constantly growing number of technical personnel is in need of information that will help them in either designing, selecting, operating, or maintaining pumping equipment. There has never been a dearth of excellent books and articles on the subject of pumps. But the editors and the publisher felt that a need existed for a handbook on pumps that would present this information in a compact and authoritative form. The format of a handbook permits a selection of the most versatile group of contributors, each an expert on his particular subject, each with a background of experience that makes him particularly knowledgeable in the area assigned to him.

This handbook deals first with the theory, construction details, and performance characteristics of all the major types of pumps—centrifugal pumps, power pumps, steam pumps, screw and rotary pumps, jet pumps, and many of their variants. It deals with prime movers, couplings, controls, valves, and the instruments used in pumping systems.

It treats in detail the systems in which pumps operate and the characteristics of these systems. And because of the many services in which pumps have to be applied, a total of 21 different services—ranging from water supply to steam power plants, construction, marine applications, and refrigeration to metering and solids pumping—are examined and described in detail, again by a specialist in each case.

Finally, the handbook provides information on the selection, purchasing, installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of pumps. An appendix provides a variety of technical data useful to anyone dealing with pumping equipment.

We are greatly indebted to the men who supplied the individual sections that make up this handbook. We hope that our common task will have produced a handbook that will help its user to make a better and more economical pump installation than he or she would have done without it, to install equipment that will perform more satisfactorily and for longer uninterrupted periods, and when trouble occurs, to diagnose it quickly and accurately. If this handbook does all this, the contributors, its editors, and its publisher will be pleased and satisfied.

No doubt a few readers will look for subject matter that they will not find in this handbook. Into the making of decisions on what to include and what to leave out must always enter an element of personal opinion; therefore we will feel some responsibility for their disappointment. But we submit that it was quite impossible to include even everything we had wanted to cover. As to our possible sins of commission, they are obviously unknown to us at this writing. We can only promise that we shall correct them if an opportunity is afforded to us.

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