Ports To Steam Cylinder Steam Chest Liner Piston Valve Ring

FIGURE 11 Simplex-type steam valve (Flowserve Corporation)

They must be compressed slightly to fit into the bores in the cylinder. This ensures a tight seal with the cylinder bores even as the rings wear during operation. In services where steam cylinder lubrication is not permissible, a combination two-piece ring of iron and bronze is used to obtain longer life than is obtained with the hammered iron rings.

The piston and valve rods are generally made from steel, but stainless steel and Monel are also commonly used. Packing for the rods is usually a braided graphited asbestos.

Drain cocks and valves are always provided to permit drainage of condensation, which forms in the cylinder when a pump is stopped and cools down. On each start-up these must be cracked open until all liquid is drained and only steam comes out; they are then closed.

The steam end and liquid end are joined by a cradle. On most small pumps, the cradle is cast integrally with the steam end. On large pumps, it is a separate casting or fabricated weldment.

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