Petroleum And Construction Requirements

One of the original areas requiring the use of portable pumps is the transfer of gasoline and diesel fuel. The need to refuel and maintain equipment in remote locations has generated a large need for portable transfer equipment. Road and building construction, mining, and farming all involve heavy equipment that must be refueled and maintained on a regular schedule. One of the earliest and simplest methods of portable transferring was with hand pumps. Hand pumps are positive displacement pumps of piston, vane, or diaphragm-type design. Of course, the power supply is very limited with hand pumps, and they are typically used only on thin liquids and small jobs. On large pieces of equipment,

the need is to transfer large volumes of fluids, such as water, antifreeze, diesel, gear lube, grease, and transmission fluid.

Figure 3 shows a portable maintenance vehicle with air powered piston pumps. In the construction industry, compressed air is a common power source for transferring product. A typical truck consists of a gasoline-powered air compressor, several tanks of petroleum products plus water and antifreeze. The size and type of pump will normally depend on the size of the equipment requiring servicing and the fluid being pumped. For thin fluids, such as diesel oil or gasoline, high volume, low pressure ratio pumps (approaching 1:1) will be used. Occasionally, on units that have the option of a power take-off (PTO), a high volume centrifugal-type pump will be used. For the oils and lubricants, higher pressure ratio pumps (3:1 to 5:1) are required because of higher transfer pressure requirements. To transfer grease, high pressure ratio pumps—to 20:1—are required. The pumps are normally coupled with a hose reel, 50ft (15 m) of hose, and a control nozzle.

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